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According to Grazia, Unostar are BANG on trend with the vintage pyjama top.(, but we already knew that!

The Art Of Wearing Your PJs In Public

By Emma Firth 25 Nov 2016 14:28
Pyjama drama? Bring. It. On…

What do you wear to bed? Sorry to be so abrupt – but it seems that the general consensus is either tracksuit bottoms and ex-boyfriend’s old t-shirt (classic/comfy/he’s never asked for it back). Or an XXL nightshirt you’ve had since you were 15. And let’s not forget the summer standard – nada.

Then there is the smaller group of sleeping fashionistas…let’s call them the Olivia Pope’s of this world. Power dressing working its way seamlessly into their sleepwear drawers. An array of elegant jammies. We envy you. The truth is though – apart from the 25th December – chances are matchy-matchy PJs are put aside for most of the year. And definitely not to be donned on a night out. Well, that was until we saw everyone from Victoria Beckham and street style stars stepping out in luxe sleepwear – and getting this look so right.

Kate Thompson

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